Collectible Guitar JulAug16 - Page 14

feature THE MIGHTY BURST Dave Belzer  Why is the ‘58-‘60 Gibson Les Paul Standard conclusion that between us, we have seen were also great articles on guitar repair, history, the single best solid body guitar ever built? hundreds of bursts (Drew counted over 200 identifying, and collecting. And then we saw Simple. It was the perfect blend of design, he’s seen alone) and in just our Guitar Center it… a 1959 Les Paul Standard at the price of materials, days together we sold over 100 of them. During 10k. Ten thousand dollars! Was that a misprint? and workmanship all coming together in the right place at the right time. 2006, at the height of the market, we moved 14 bursts over the span of a month that ranged We wanted, no, we needed to see that 1959 Of course, no one realized that until the mid in price from $200k to over $400k. Many are Les Paul! Ok, we took the bait and we hit 60’s when Mike Bloomfield took hold of one, still being played today by some of the most the road. We jumped in his Oldsmobile 442 plugged it into a Fender Twin Reverb and famous hands in the biz. and headed to New Jersey. We were on a subsequently turned the guitar world upside pilgrimage to the mecca of east coast vintage down, shortly followed up by Clapton plugging My adventures into the quest of bursts started one into a Marshall and creating the foundation on a sunny spring day in 1983 when my guitars. of rock guitar tone to this day. Inspiring the likes buddy Ralph and I were perusing the Vintage of Allman, Beck, Page, Kossoff, and Gibbons, Guitar Bulletin that Guitar Trader sent to its just to name a few of the many great guitar customers and subscribers for $2.00 each. “Les Paul Standard, 1959, cherry-sunburst players that were inspired by a \ \H\Hܚ][[Y]YH8&\\Y[[\][X]X[H\Y\K[X\H ]\\Y^\ H[\\XH[H[[Y\\‚ۙ܈[XZ[[\]H[ܚY[[XZ[^Hۙ[YH\[\\\]Z[Y\ܚ\[ۜوXXZ]\Y[BQ&\ؘXHHX\ ܚY[[JH[Y]]\[H\Y H[YHB[\[ۙ][ۋ[HXK\B]Z[XH[]\KHYXK\H L 8'BH[[Y[X\[[\[۝وHܙKH[H\HK]HوHZ[[™HH]YHXYHYH[]YXBY[H[]ۙH[YKY[X[\HX[ ]XZ[]Hۈ]H\B[HY[] ]Z]HH۝\H]–[ܚ]H]HY\\YH[\܈X\Y\HY[H[Y[X\HܙHY\HYZ[[[Z]\Y[YYB[[H]\]\KH[Y[X\[[]]\][]\[YH\[Z]Y[HYYXYXۙ\[ H\YX]H L\][[\B[YH\\HZ[[ۙHقH[\ˈ\KYܙH\^Y\\B[XX[\ Y\Y\][Z]\ق\Y]\Y[H]\\^YYۈHYو\H[] ZHHX[H]]\ˈx&[BZ\H\H\H\H\Z]\HY]]^K]H[[Y[X\[Hو[K\]\][[]Y\Y]\›ۈ\KH[[H[\]^HYX[BH\H8'[Y] 'BM[;k]Y MXXQZ]\B