Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Home Buyers Guidebook - 2017 - Page 20

ADDITIONAL BUYER SERVICES One-Stop Shopping Buying a home is one of the most exciting experiences in a person’s life. Making the process smooth and anxiety-free is a Coldwell Banker specialty. The Coldwell Banker Concierge program helps both home buyers and sellers find reputable movers and service providers to make repairs or enhancements to their homes. To learn more about Concierge, talk to your Coldwell Banker Realtor ® , visit ConciergeVendors. com, or call 800-493-1181. • All Concierge vendors are thoroughly screened • Database includes hundreds of local and national vendors • Many Concierge vendors offer discounts to Coldwell Banker clients • Concierge vendors and coupons are available at Guaranteed Rate Affinity provides the best mortgage experience possible, featuring incredibly low rates, fantastic customer service and a fast, simple process. For pre-approval, call (888) 844-9888 or visit Now that you are relocating to the Midwest, do you need to sell your current home? Let your agent refer you to a Realtor in our Cartus Broker Network. You will have an experienced relocation specialist to assist you in pricing and marketing your home. 20 Protecting your home takes more than homeowner’s insurance. Unexpected major appliance and system breakdowns can prove to be very costly. Our Home Protection Plan offers you the satisfaction of a quick repair, and, if necessary, replacement of malfunctioning appliances and systems, from dishwashers to furnaces. Developed to allow our sales associates to better manage the title and closing process on our clients’ behalf, Burnet Title is an in-house company whose first priority is the business of Coldwell Banker clients. Benefits include: • Beginning the title search at listing to ensure a smooth closing (selected areas) • Competitive pricing • Discounts with presentation of previous title policy • Closing at convenient locations Castle Edge Insurance Agency is a national independent insurance agency committed to helping families and individuals protect their homes, automobiles and other valuable assets. (855) 225-9965 ©2017 Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate LLC. All Rights Re ͕ٕ ݕ ȁIͥѥ ɽɅձ́ѡɥ́ѡȁ!ͥЁѡՅ=չи=Ʌѕ䁄Չͥ䁽9IP11 ݕ ȁѡ ݕ) ȁ1ɔɕѕɕ͕٥ɭ́ݹ ݕ ȁIхє11 Iхє́ѕݥѠ ݕ ȁIͥѥ ɽɅɔЁɅѽȁ́ͅͽѕ́ɔЁ啕́ ݕ ȁIͥѥ ɽɅ