CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 88

CoffeeShop Blues SEEING RED By: Apple Gidley Peering out into the shadowy promise of day Gemma shuddered as the wind snapped the tent flap from her grasp, the canvas flapping wildly. Shrugging a khaki shirt over the cami she’d slept in, she knew it wouldn’t take long for the sweat to start its inexorable slide down between her breasts to pool in a soggy mess at the waistband of her shorts. It still surprised her that the thick socks she tugged on each day actually lived up to their promise of keeping her feet cool and dry. Tipping her ankle boots upside down, she shook them hard listening for the slither of scorpion hitting the sandy groundsheet. It was difficult to see in the dim glow of the hurricane lamp but feeling confident she wriggled her toes into the boots and tied them tightly. Gemma ripped the duct tape off the zipper track of her holdall. The zip had been no match for the heat and humidity and had jammed within days of her arrival. Her fingers probed for the disc shaped tin of Tiger Balm; bug prevention she was convinced worked. Refilling her backpack with the day’s essentials she remembered to toss in another tub of talc: the gloves provided stuck to her fingers making them itchy and sore. Ready, she said to the photo jammed under the rim of the 6x4 inch mirror she’d tossed into her luggage at the last moment, the thought of raggedy eyebrows too much even for her rare vanity. The photo booth shot was tattered and she smiled as she smoothed the exposed 88