CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 87

Jeremy Frost Apple Gidley A transient life has seen Apple Gidley live in countries as diverse as Papua New Guinea and Thailand, or Equatorial Guinea and the USA, and another eight in between. Her memoir, Expat Life Slice by Slice, tells of the highs and lows of that nomadic life - one she wouldn’t trade for all the proverbial tea in one of the places she hasn’t lived, China. Her travel articles are filled with colour, and spiced with subtleties that take the arm-chair-traveller to that country, or make the experienced traveller add it to their list. She draws on her experiences for her pieces on expatriate living, which offer down-to-earth observations and encouragement to those about to embark on the trail, or who already live the life. Gidley writes a regular blog at and is currently working on her second novel, and a book of short stories. 87