CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 81

Jeremy Frost Question – On Chances and Circumstances, I’ve seen a great deal about “These Things about You.” My favorite song if I had to choose one is, “Pennsylvania Rose.” Which song and from what album is your least favorite song to perform, due to the emotional meaning behind the writing. Stephen - I like to perform my most personally emotional songs! PA Rose is directly about my wife her Irish family history- our fans like it too because it’s so upfront and often my wife is in the audience. Question - You probably always get asked this question, but do you first write the lyrics, or do you first come up with the melody on guitar and the lyrics follow? Stephen - Regarding songwriting, huh I usually get what I think is a good tune and then add lyrics. Question – The differences between playing in bars and clubs vs. playing at outdoor festivals are enormous. Which do you prefer more? Stephen - I think I prefer outdoor venues. bars are ok but usually they’re a late night. Question- Every band seems to have a story behind their name, how did you guys come up with the name Milagro Saints, and what is the meaning behind it? Stephen – The band name evolved from the concept of Milagros being those Mexican religious talismans, it combines art and spirituality which I think music and songs also do that. I had a dream that said call the band Milagro Saints- John Lennon said he had a similar dream visitation- something about a flaming pie and beetles with an 'a'. After answering my questions, he even went one further and told me of the upcoming shows they had coming, and told me to send him a message and he’d hook it up where we could meet up at the show. I already missed those shows but hopefully they’ll be playing a Florida outdoor soon. They’re in North Carolina so that’s not unimaginable. Also, for anyone over in Europe keep an eye out for them because I read on their site that they have been getting airplay over there. Personally, I’m hoping I can get them in the next issue of my CoffeeShop Blues Literary Journal we are working on now. Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International” 81