CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 80

CoffeeShop Blues “One of the earliest bands I reviewed for Country Music News International was Milagro Saints. They were probably the reason why I kept on writing reviews. Stephen David Ineson is the singer, songwriter, and acoustic rhythm guitar player. I’ve known a great deal of people on the many travels throughout my life. So far, in doing this I’ve made a great deal more acquaintances that I feel rather blessed to be able to get to know. For an active, touring and recording band you wouldn’t expect that any of the members would have time to get in touch with you personally for liking their Facebook page. With Milagro Saints it was a lot different though. I was setting up a new page because I wanted to separate music from short story writers, reviewers, poetry groups, and publishing houses. I went into that page and liked theirs. The new page I was setting up had a name completely different than my own. Not even a day later, I received a, thanks, from Stephen himself. Just from my different pages I know how hard it is to keep up with this, and I am stuck at my house. I’m not out selling books like I should be, and I’m definitely not performing. We communicated back and forth a bit and I explained that I wrote a review about them (as well as, apologized for it because it was one of the first reviews I did). Anyway, I asked if it’d be alright if I asked him a few questions for a short interview. To my surprise he agreed so I prepared my five questions. Here’s what I asked: Question – I came across your band while writing reviews for a Country Music News International. Everything I’ve read about Milagro Saints seems to place you in a different category; Americana Rock, Rugged Folk, Roots, Jam Band, etc.etc. I hate to ask, but if you had to categorize your music what genre do you believe it would fit with? Stephen - Americana Roots Rock is our usual genre, although that's big and wide selection of music. 80