CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 70

CoffeeShop Blues An Arrow to God A medieval monk Labored in meditation in a cloistered room Desperate for union he imagined An arrow of love to pierce the heart of god Sleek, long and steadied by a feather The smooth shaft and lethal point Arches elegant to the heart of the sixteen year old boy Frozen by fear that binds all in the last moment Such a metaphor is the arrow Is it the simple, natural beauty of its honed wood? Or the finality of its business end That intrigues one? Was the arch of the arrow a symbol of the monk’s life? The solid shaft an enduring, unrequited love The impacted fatal triangle The terminus one shares with god? In today’s imagery would it be a rocket to the moon Or the rocket propelled grenade The monk would use to make his point That All we need is love.... Perhaps the monk should ask John Lennon Or just leave the confines of his room Grab a handful of moist earth Smell it And look at the cerulean sky The mongrel dog might catch his eye And in fear he may return to his room Not seeing the connection Between the earth, the sky, that dog and himself He only sees the differences Justifies separation of body and soul And wonders Why god doesn’t speak to him All we need is love.... And the wisdom of silence...and science! 70