CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 60

CoffeeShop Blues Holding Me in Hug Afraid - I wrap my arms ‘round my legs - holding me in hug. Struggling for your voice alone You are gentle with my trembling. And yet I shake. You lay your hand softly on my knee. I feel the start within. But there’s no slap with you. And as I breathe deeply to settle shakiness, I feel the rock. I rock - back and forth - back and forth. Wrapped - the embryo in womb. How pathetically sad – how touchingly sweet I breathe waiting to be born. Kissing Death Pink champagne lips smear longing for hardened kisses rosy cheeks smudge, resurrecting grey her platinum curls gripping still holding She’s laid out – lovely amaranth satin sheets we sit, ornately elegant chairs, rococo, feigning refinement She’s wearing pearls, by the way, tight around her saggy ears and neck suffocating - lovely They talk about how beautiful she looks 60