CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 6

CoffeeShop Blues Letter from the Editor This has, so far, been one of the most challenging projects I have undertaken. Sure, I’ve been making books for a long time, and it was my job while I was in Taiwan. Also, I have extensive editing experience in all sorts of genres. But, trying to preserve the writer’s voice, tone, mood, and culture can be extremely difficult when crossing continents. If not for my experience overseas I may have never realized how many different forms of the English language there truly are. In this edition there are words and phrases that, to you, may seem like spelling errors (trust me, I thought there was one myself), but that just goes to demonstrate what I am writing about. This time I thought it would be a bit easier, but it wound up all in my lap again. I really only know of a couple of others that I would have trusted it to anyway. The writers, poets, artists, and musicians really stood patiently by and they all deserve enormous amounts of praise for their work. By purchasing a copy from them you are supporting their continuation of work in the arts. The links to their work are all in place so even each reader of even the digital copies can find them, like them, follow them, purchase their work and help support them in their passions. This really couldn’t have been completed without the help of a few others that I should mention. I really have to thank public domain for a great deal of help with this. I want to thank the Hubble Telescope for supplying the picture for the background cover photo. I’d also like to thank the CIA and their wonderful mapmakers. Nathaniel Schellhase Hvisdos has been there from the beginning and has been a real driving force behind this. Also, Country Music News International, who I write music reviews for, is how I wind up meeting so many of these bands. That’s how I came across Milagro Saints. From that first review I wound up in contact with Stephen David Ineson, who has been incredibly helpful with providing me with the new album cover, background, interview, and some of the first tracks to be released. Michael Christopher Markman has been there from the beginning as well. 6