CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 56

CoffeeShop Blues LOVERS' SPAT He says, she says. They mix it all around, stir it up in separate bowls and dump it on the ground. But when they view the mess they’ve made, the pain they’ve brought to be, they see there is no he or she— there is only we. FOREVER FRIENDS We're comfy together just like old shoes. We're books of stories with differing views. Our tastes complement: my tea and your toast. No need to compete, no need to boast. I brighten your day; you comfort my night. You open windows; I welcome the light. I pick my way caref'ly; you forge ahead. Our journey's unique, when all's done and said. If your tune and my words must disagree, When storm clouds gather and winds lash our sea We stop what we're doing, breathe deep, and then Remember our friendship and start again We're more together than each is alone. Though we may wander, hearts know the way home. 56