CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 54

CoffeeShop Blues SHELL-PATH I contemplate my waning life While walking ocean's foam. Above me, on the sandy beach, A shell-path points me home. They're boring in their sameness, but Amassed, they're still a sight. These undistinguished corpses lie Disgorged by ocean's might. Then, there appears a won'drous thing. Up through soft sand I trudge. A special seashell beckons me Whose quality I judge Magnificent in form and hue. No sameness have we here. A work of art from God's own hand, Indeed, it has no peer. While I admire this lovely shell, Unique among the rest, I wonder: what I leave behind— Will it pass my own test Of a legacy worth leaving? Will I stand out? I sigh. I’m a shell within the shell-path— A spec'men I'd pass by. 54