CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 45

Jeremy Frost if I had undergone something of an epic trial, you know, something on the same level as that chap Nelson Mandela. It did feel really good though, lying there warm, clean and naked like a born again millionaire. I felt rich, powerful and most importantly grateful. Having a flair for the dramatic, I took a deep breath in and said out loud, "I am resilient!" “God, Robin, I’m sorry. I just started drinking from a bottle of red wine and forgot all about you.” Fedor explained in melancholic monotones the next day. “No problems, is it still okay to maybe stay for a night or two?” “Yeah, yeah. I am sorry. I just started drinking and forgot you know? He confessed. I began to suspect Fidel had a drinking problem. 45