CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 39

Jeremy Frost I was informed that Tapper had been found hanging from a set of swings in the playground of the local park. My cousin was distraught. Destroyed and devastated she cried her lungs out and wailed in anguish. She was comforted, joined and surrounded by a caring crew of close friends. Tapper was a bright spirit and had a giant smile that was unbelievably wide. He was always very generous and welcoming to me and I could always count on him to share with me one of his Marlboro Reds, a real cigarette; a good meal of tobacco those Marlboro Reds. It was a sad tragedy and although I felt it and it hurt and I was in shock, I wasn’t part of the inner circle so to speak, the close family of friends that had gathered in the living room, the room that doubled as my current bedroom. I sat there on the couch watching this incredible community bond together and share in the grief, comforting one another. I was always made welcome by this crew, but never in my short time knowing them, did I feel like I became one of them. They just were not pretentious enough for me, a tad too genuine and real, a bunch of down to earth Kiwis, Aussies and South Africans. I needed to be surrounded by fellow self-obsessed narcissists at that stage of my life. They were lovely but I didn’t feel completely comfortable with them, or myself at that time in my development for that matter. Donboy, one of the crew and a close friend of my cousins, came and sat next to me on the couch. He gently began to converse with me in a settled, caring and well thought out manner, “Ancella is really cut up. We are probably going to be grieving and based here all night. Maybe there's gonna be people crashing in this room for a couple of days and nights. She doesn’t feel comfortable with you having you, you know, be around all this. Do you have a friend you can stay with for a while?” “Yeah”, I nodded. It was a tad strange and awkward me being there. I did feel a little like an outsider. Death and grief are intimate events. I smiled, quickly packed together a backpack with a few 39