CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 29

Jeremy Frost take away from the simple power this mount holds. I, quite honestly, was transported back in time when first I walked upon the Tor. I could see myself as a young girl, belonging to the land, running wild before I would take my vows to the goddess. But I have always imagined myself with a connection to Ancient Avalon. The Chalice Well is, truly, an oasis of peace. The gardens are lovely and well maintained, the Well is available to behold and there is a small wading pool to walk through – it is very cold! Here, again, I felt the Spirit of the Land welcoming me home, saying I would be always welcome. Do check out the lovely Chalice Well gift shop before you leave. It is small and filled with crystals and cards, jewelry and vibrational essences. We browsed the divination decks (they have open ones so you can ask those burning questions) tried on a couple of rings, bought some gold coins and fresh pressed apple juice made from apples growing in the garden. Delicious! Around the corner from the Chalice Well gardens, there are founts where you can fill up bottles (that you've brought) with water from the 2 wells – one iron rich, called the Red Spring and one calcium rich, called the White Spring. The water is fresh and lovely and deeply nourishing. Afterwards we had a scone and coffee at a cafe on the High Street called La Terre. The scone was excellent, the coffee not so much. If you want a good cup of coffee, the best I have found in England is in Canterbury. But that is another story altogether. 29