CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 28

CoffeeShop Blues Glastonbury is oft visited by those seeking connection to the Arthurian Legends, those who fancy themselves goddesses, those looking for healing and to do deep soul work. These are valid reasons to go anywhere in my opinion. (Yes, even the Arthurian bit.) But Glastonbury is also a lovely town with delightful shops and cafes. So for those who might be travelling with someone going for one of the above reasons but really would, yourself, just like a brief holiday I offer these: Take photos of the doors Shop at the Charity Shops and what was the third? Oh yes... Climb the Tor and/or go to the Chalice Well The doors in Glastonbury are not more spectacular, per se, than other doors in other quaint towns throughout Britain, but there are some lovely ones and even some engaging shop names to photograph as well. The Psychic Piglet is gone since I was there last, but there is still Enlightenment, The Goddess and the Greenman, Cat and Cauldron and Burns the Bread. And the Charity shops are fantastic. Along with your everyday collection of clothes, books and household items, you can find crystals, Tarot cards and goddess paraphernalia. I save the Tor and Chalice Well for last, and they are the best. You can see the Tor, rising proudly yet humbly from miles around, with the Tower of St Michael atop it. I'd like to claim that I am not a fanciful type and yet felt the energy of this place anyway. Except that I am a fanciful type. That does not 28