CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 24

CoffeeShop Blues patch with a big star on the cap. There is an emblem of authority on his suit. He seems to be a village security man. He stands in front of me, watching Inge walk around to the back of the school. I sit at the base of the statue of the man who isn’t Ataturk and smoke. I am at the security man’s mercy. I am smiling. The man is not smiling though, and he gestures toward Inge, then shrugs. “I don’t know,” I say. “Yeah, it’s cold; we need a place to stay. We need a place to sleep out of the cold.”I put my hands together, tilt my head, and put my hands against my cheek. Sleep. The man wags his finger. He pulls a cigarette out from a pack and lights it. He seems to be thinking. Then he beckons for me to come. As I go with him, Inge returns. “Ya, I couldn’t find a way in,” she says. “Okay, well, I’m being arrested,” I say. “See you later. Watch my bags.” The man leads me up some steps behind the tea house. He leads me into a large room, then into a small room which seems to be a doctor’s office. There is an exam table, and a screen to separate it from the rest of the office. The security man extends his hand. He points to Inge outside, then to the floor of the office, then he gestures that we can sleep here. I gesture myself to confirm it, he nods. I clasp my hands together and say, “Tershekular!” The man waves off my thanks. He pats a portable heater and nods. Then he points downstairs and gestures eating and drinking. I thank him again. We both descend the steps and he returns to the teahouse. I walk to where Inge is, smoking by her bike. She watches me closely as I approach. “Okay, we have a place to stay tonight,” I say smiling. “A doctor’s office or something. It’s got a heater. Also, there’s food.” Inge smiles back. 24