CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 16

CoffeeShop Blues KENNETH SCHROEDER Kenneth Schroeder is currently writing about the walk he made from Portugal to the Middle East, and he may be writing about it for a long time as it has taken one whole year to write about a four-month period of the 18-month walk. Ken lived in Portugal for 15 years before a religious experience on a mountain set him in motion to make peace in the Middle East. After leaving a trail of war and revolution in his wake, Ken returned to Europe, flying in to Milan from Egypt, and bought a cheap bike for a new mission. He now lives in Germany, where he gave up on his cycling expedition to Syria after realizing he had gone 2000 kilometers in the wrong direction from Italy. Poor Knights: A Trek through the Balkans (Down to Egypt Book 1) eBook: Kenneth Schroeder: Kindle Store 16