CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 147

Jeremy Frost "Smoking Springs" By: Robert C Mowry Tru-Con Publishing. 2012. This book is a Western. It is set toward the end of the Civil War, and it explores the life of two soldiers, and their companion a slave... as well as the various people they meet upon the trail. The wounded soldier, Judah Ward, struggles to regain his health after being severely injured in battle. As with most people during this time, that battle is more with infection than anything else. He also struggles with a conservative upbringing by a Hellfire and Brimstone style preacher... something that could harden even compassionate hearts against religion. As a fan of the old Louie Lamoure style westerns. This book has a genuine feel to it, as the characters change and grow as individuals. I highly recommend it. "Cosmic Rift" By: J.P. Osterman J.P. Osterman. 2014. If you like Science Fiction, space travel, and books that explore and attempt to extrapolate how technology will grow and develop in the years to come... The main focus of the book is about space exploration as the ships commander and co commander go in search of other habitable planets. I really, really liked some of the concepts the author explored in regards to computers with a direct to human interface and the problems that might result. While I do feel that the author wrapped things up... "a little too neatly toward the end". I nevertheless enjoyed this book a great deal. I liked the author's ideas. The book obviously took a great deal of thought, and it felt like a great deal of research to create a sense of realism that has fallen out of favor with some of the more modern science fiction. This author is going to be one of the future heavy hitters... Just you watch, and see.... 147