CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 134

CoffeeShop Blues Daybreak came with the same gentle breeze, the birds were chirping and singing and the sun was warming our faces. Another glorious day and I was alive, not eaten by a bear or attacked by my protector. We scrambled, got dressed and headed out of the tent’s door. Who do you think greeted us? Our own personal guard dog! With a quick wag of his tail as if to say, “ALL CLEAR”. The guys start taking the tent down and I heard their chatter about the ruckus (and for those of you that are curious, Kool Aid viewed all of the same sights and sounds we did from the safety of the front seat of the truck. I was loading the truck and trailer and our “guard” quickly moved from the doorway to the two trees in our site about ten feet away and just watched. As we finished up loading the bikes are secured them in the trailer, our personal security got up, stretched as a production worker who just came off third shift, and moved over to the campsite next to us. He took his post right in front of their tent. We just looked at each other and smiled. So if you decide to travel to eastern Tennessee to ride the Tail of the Dragon, do yourself a favor, bypass the hotels and spend a night or two at the Punkin Center Motorcycle Resort and Campground. You may miss the comfort of room service and amenities, but you can’t beat the security. 134