CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 132

CoffeeShop Blues and this is going to protect me and or attack me tonight if I wander during “bear time”. The forecast for the next day was calling for rain and we wanted to get to our next destination (other parts of the Dragon) before it set in, so we decided to go settle up our bill so we were able to leave early in the morning without disturbing anyone. During the time we had gone out and returned the campground had actually filled up. We walked back up to the “shelter” where several more couples and lone riders had gathered to enjoy a cold one. The conversations seemed to jump from subject to subject and as most of you know, most of the world’s problems are solved in small town gatherings (usually in the back of the local country store). It eventually came back to the topic of our furry friends spread out on the floor among the guests. The same elderly man that had questioned my intentions earlier asked me if I had reconsidered my stay since I was settling up the bill. I again smiled and said no and explained our plans and he surprisingly agreed it was a smart plan. After we listened and laughed (and of course watched a little football on the corner TV) we decided to turn in for the evening. “Remember the rules and you’ll be fine,” I heard echo behind me as we ascended into the dark walk back to the campsite. Our friend decided he was going to stay up awhile so he would be able to talk with his lady friend via cell phone. Okay a little history here, they have been known to talk all night on the phone and then meet up just in time to see the sunrise with a cup of coffee on her front porch. I know what you are thinking, but hey, it is working for them, so to each his own. I just remind him of the warning we had received and told him to be in the tent or in the truck when it got time for our “visitor”. One thing we did notice as my husband and I were settling in and getting our night clothes on, one of the larger dogs came to the door of our tent and lay down. I smiled down at him and snuggled under the blanket under the stars. It didn’t take long for us 132