CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 131

Jeremy Frost He as serious as he could muster as he states “like clockwork at 3:30 am, he’ll make his pass through, but don’t worry one of those doggies will sleep at your site, you’ll be fine, just don’t get up and venture out to the bathroom because the dogs will attack you”. I know I have that deer in headlights look on my face and I can’t even make myself respond. Then he breaks out in a big grin and looks at the men in my group and says, “ya’ll go ahead and pick you out a sight, get settled in, take in some riding before dark and come back hungry, the pig will be ready around 8 or 9, and we’ll just square up in the morning”. So we all retreat back to the truck in silence, but my mind was racing a hundred miles an hour, “just 1? Dogs protect me but attack me? Have I just landed at the edge of a bad B rated movie? I am still stunned. We choose our site and begin unloading our things. The guys set about putting up our tent, unloading our bikes and I set up out a little home away from home (in other words heeded the sign at the campsite that says don’t leave food out, so I’m locking stuff up), but I still can’t stop playing the conversation in my head and for me about a hundred and one questions. Are they sure it is just ONE bear? What exactly does it mean” They’ll attack you?” and, if I’m in the bathhouse when the bear comes through, do I stay in there? Will someone give me an ALL CLEAR signal? Will one of these fierce protectors come and escort me back to my tent like a bodyguard? (NOTE- the bath house is approximately 50 yards away from our site). So to help me chill out, we decide to go for a quick ride. I must admit it was such a pleasant distraction. The beauty of the mountains, the moving Tennessee River, the brotherhood of fellow riders, it was the peaceful end to a long day of traveling. Our little entourage returned to our campground just as night began to fall and we built our fire and did the whole cookout thing. This little black dog came up just as I was finishing up the grilling and as we ate, of course we fed her. I chuckled in spite of myself, 131