CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 130

CoffeeShop Blues partner, we affectionately call “Kool Aid”, spotted a campground sign and since this was our intentions for lodging while on our trip (it was after all Labor Day weekend), we turned in that direction. Now, I am a country girl, so spending time in the woods; in nature, and with animals close, has always been in my vocabulary. So, to say I was “excited” doesn’t do it justice. The other interesting fact was none of us had been “wilderness” camping, by that I mean in- a- tent- with- a- campfire-and a sleeping bag, in the last three years (okay, confession, for me it had been at least 20, but I am the “adult” in the crowd). We followed the signs toward the campground and the road became increasingly smaller, narrower until it finally turned into a gravel/dirt road (one my grandfather woul