CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 13

Jeremy Frost The poor girl got pregnant and she broke this unpleasant news to your uncle. Your uncle ordered her to have an abortion. My guileless and compassionate mother revolted that, and so your uncle killed my mother with his ruthless, vile hands to efface that inevitable offence, and buried her, here, in the groves. Your uncle then broke her cupboard and ransacked all the cash and expensive jewelry out of there and fled to Kolkata. Mr. Roy is a reputed businessman there and happy with his second wife and two children but what about this hideous crime? “ The face of Hari glowered and his maw dropped. He began to fidget in a frenzy of unbridled rage. I stood dumb-struck at this extremely quaint reality. I was shellshocked by this absolute truth. The face of my uncle flashed for a second, and my blood froze when I realized him to be a deadly criminal. With quivering lips I said,” Yes, I agree with you but what can I do for you Hari?” “Just jail him. I know your dad is a deft lawyer and he will be able to execute this.” I said, “Okay. I will. Will that put your soul to rest?” “Of course!” Hari bellowed. “I want peace.” “I agree with you Hari.” The figure disappeared. The morning sun painted the sky with vivid, vibrant hues of rosy-pink. I got bemused by the exquisite beauty of Mother Nature. It was five o’clock in the morning. The birds started chirping and fleeting across the sky. For about two hours I ruminated on the previous night’s happening and finally reported that to my parents. My parents got confounded, and began to stammer at this sheer incredible but inevitable truth. 13