CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 125

Jeremy Frost REVERB Waking up before the dawn breaks in through the window like a dainty thief. Mind and heart overpowered by memories of ones who have ran in and then tiptoed, as if on an icy pond, out of my heart spaces. Overpowering urges, even if it be brief, to place them back into the crevices. I try to keep my heart impregnated so to keep the death of worldly acts from coming back in with the power of 7 times. To revisit these memories induces a mirage of smiles and a collection of prayers to go into the receptacle I treasure with all my self-worth. Songs of the ecstatic New Orleans wake music fill my ears. Is this a God way of telling me to say adios to some of the ones I cherished and held intimately in my arms that were shackled in enslavement of liquid poison? Yes, it must be. For some of those wondrous creatures found me enduring when I allowed myself to be trivial with my spirit. I place these gentiles back out of my heart, beam at them and wish them all the passion life can proposition each of us. I lay my head back down. I let the coolness of the early summer morning penetrate my face. -Stephanie Willimon 125