CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 124

CoffeeShop Blues LOWCOUNTRY HEATLIGHTNING Almost out of breath After a long drawn out season Of stagnant breakage And insufficient souls. Now time to sing the Bittersweet song Of goodbyes to a heart Once delinquent and bankrupt. Now welcoming the harvest tide Of joyous polar vortex Rhythm Sweet kisses as fine As a moonlit cup Of salt laced perfection. Blaze across the marsh With a disobedient triumph Of taking grasp of what once Was held captive Until the sincere moment. Brim the trees with touches of autumn As the sun still slices the skin. Fever pitch of the Sweetest magnolia Skips in each word. Can you catch me? Do you even dare? If you do, That will be as magnificent As the low country heat lightning. 124