CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 122

CoffeeShop Blues CHEAP SHOT Those tangible forces of honeycomb laced words that readily, yet slowly, drip from your mouth with ease are finding it hard to unlock this clandestine heart. My mind has been tangled before by disclosures of promises, raptures, broken peace makers, and the candy girls walking gently down the hall with tiny feet. Tell me something that these ears have not heard before in a chaos of languages! Can you truly inspire a desensitized soul? Is there honesty in your vigilance in convincing me that your attributes are noble but admit where you're ignoble? Too afraid to walk closer to your words. Any moment can rain shovels from the sky to knock me out, senseless! Only for me to wake up crying in mute, while grabbing on to frozen soil, 122