CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 119

Jeremy Frost “Then stop snooping in other people’s business.” Her eyes shifted to the other table. “They’re planning a murder,” she whispered. Edward raised an eyebrow. “Do you remember when you accused our ninety-five-year-old neighbor of doing it with the FedEx guy?” “You have no proof it didn’t happen.” “He was her grandson.” Tanya shook her head. “Not buying it.” “And how about the time you thought the third grader down the street was selling drugs?” “He wanted me to buy some herbs and bath salts.” Edward said, “He was selling them for a school fundraiser.” “All a cover-up,” she said waving the butter knife. He shook his head. “I give up.” They both looked up as the blonde excused herself. Edward watched her walk away. Tanya slapped his shoulder. “Pay attention.” Mr. Baker pulled his cell phone out of his blazer and dialed. “Yeah, I’m here. We’re working on it. She’ll get it before Friday. You can shoot me if there’s a problem.” He laughed. “See you tomorrow.” He tapped the phone closed as the blonde made her way to the table. Tanya’s eyes widened. Edward raised his palm. “I don’t want to know any more.” Tanya leaned in. “I got to tell her they’re planning to kill her instead.” “Stay out of it. Let’s eat and get the heck out of here.” Ms. Thomas’ hand grazed Mr. Baker’s shoulder as she slid into her seat. “So where were we?” Tanya listened as she picked at the bread nervously while Edward consumed both meals. They paid the check and headed out to the valet. Tanya stepped in front of him. “We can’t just leave. We have to call the police.” Edward gave the ticket to the attendant. “We’re getting the car, going home and calling it a night. My nerves are shot. No pun intended.” Tanya looked at him cross. Her eyes strayed. She noticed the advertisement on the wall behind Edward. Murder Mystery Dinner, Friday night. Shut the front door. As their car pulled up, Edward followed Tanya’s eyes. She grabbed him by the arm and hustled him toward the car. “What’s the rush?” She slid in the seat. “I’m not wearing any panties, remember?” 119