CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 118

CoffeeShop Blues The waiter delivered a bottle of some expensive champagne, along with caviar and crackers. He shook out the napkin. “Ms. Thomas,” he said laying it across her lap. She smiled, exposing her perfect white teeth. The stout waiter filled the two goblets with the golden bubbly. “Will there be anything else Mr. Baker?” “No, thank you, Robert.” Tanya bit her lip. Hmm. . . regulars. Mr. Baker slid his chair toward Ms. Thomas and shared his iPad. Tanya strained to get a glimpse of the screen. “You ready?” he asked. The blonde nodded. “He’ll be at Monico’s Friday afternoon, correct?” Ms. Thomas replied, “Yes. It must look like an accident. I don’t want people assuming I’m after his insurance policy.” The two chuckled and clanked their glasses together. “To one, eighty, seven. May there be more successful murders to come,” Mr. Baker said. Tanya’s eyes widened. Sh