CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 117

Jeremy Frost 187 By: Maria Ashworth Tanya arrived early and requested a seat by the window overlooking the bay. The hostess obliged her request. “My husband should be here shortly.” The hostess handed her a menu. “I recommend our Bloody Mary. They’re to die for.” Tanya smiled. “I’ll take one.” While waiting on her drink, Tanya took in the bistro décor which dripped with shades of red. Assorted pictures of France adorned the walls, putting her in a romantic mood. Once she had her cocktail in hand, she sipped on it while perusing the menu. “Mmm…death by chocolate.” Tanya checked her watch and figured Edward would’ve rushed over after their earlier conversation. She smiled as she replayed the phone call. “Hello, Mr. Crick?” Tanya said. “Yes, speaking.” “I’m Bernice, your wife’s secretary.” Edward chuckled on the other end. “She’d like you to meet her tonight at the new bistro, One, eighty, seven, at six o’clock sharp.” “I’ll be there.” Tanya added, “And she said she’s not wearing any panties.” “Hmm. . .even better.” Minutes later, the hostess sat a couple beside Tanya. A gray-haired man about sixty, in a sharp blue blazer and crisp jeans pulled the chair out for the svelte blonde who seemed half his age. Tanya looked cross at the two and took another sip of her drink which suddenly tasted bitter. She eyed the blonde’s slender legs and small waist. Tanya sucked in the roll that hung over her waistband and pulled up on her bra straps. Her curiosity stirred. Tanya appreciated the close proximity of the tables and hoped to hear their story. Her husband’s voice permeated in her head, “Eavesdropping again? When will you learn? 117