CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition - Page 113

Jeremy Frost Drinking Whiskey and Declaiming Yeats to the Wilderness Two pieces of advice I received before my trek to the Wilds; 1. If a mountain lion is spotted roar, yell, and leap In an imitation of an inedible predator, 2. If a bear is seen play dead and hope for the best. This bothered me on my climb, staring off into the aspens and scrub, Disturbing robins-on-steroids with my high-altitude wheeze. My companion questioned me on the Wolfhounds he’d never seen as we trekked, And, as if summoned by the promise of circumstantial awe, The very beast padded from the dregs of the morning mist. We were shocked to silence by its mythical presence Standing to one side reverently to let it pass. That nig H^H[