Coffee Shop Goss Kingscliff May 2013

KINGS Welcome to another issue of Coffee Shop Goss. Firstly commiserations to all the parents who are totally devod after seeing their little kiddies back to school this week. Gosh Mums and Dads, how will you fill your long and pointless days until they get home in the afternoon. If you are like me the above is definitely not true, in fact as I type this I am smiling and mentally kicking my heels together with glee at the thought this pain will end today. The fighting the screaming the overwhelming need to come in and use/waste everything they can find in my office. The only good thing about school holidays in April is the fact that Mothers day is in May. Which means one glorious day is all about us Ladies. I have included in this issue special CLIFF > MAY 2013 things to do for Mothers on Mother Day so feel free when you take Coffee Shop Goss home to leave it open on page 8 and pray that Hubby and kids take the hint. If not the full day (that actually has never happened) certainly a couple of hours where you can be totally spoilt and waited on. Anyway everyone enjoy the glorious weather we are having and enjoy this issue of Coffee Shop Goss, we will see you next month. Coffee Shop Goss Register on line to get your Coffee Shop Goss on the Go! MAY 2013 > COFFEE SHOP GOSS > KINGSCLIFF > 1