Coffee Shop Goss Kingscliff March 2013

KINGS Welcome to Coffee Shop Goss’ first Issue. We hope you enjoy it. You may cry, you will definitely laugh and you may just want to take this first issue home with you and keep it close to you like a friend. You will find it very useful long after the taste of the magnificent Merlot you were drinking with your bestie has left your mouth. Local2me has come up with this interesting guide to everything local in Kingscliff. Need a night out? Boom! Grab your Coffee Shop Goss and check out What’s on in Kingy. Need to buy a new bike or get yours repaired? Boom!! Look on page 5. Feeling like a sookies girl night at the movies? Boom!!! CLIFF > MARC H 2013 Check out page 8 Kingscliff Cinemax and see what Steve has showing tonight. You will find things you need on a day to day basis and in return you will be supporting your local business. If you are reading this and you are out of town, please feel free to take this with you and show your friends how cool Kingscliff is to visit, or perhaps view page 7 and see whether Mark and the team at Professionals Kingscliff are selling your dream home. If there is something you cant find and you would like to see it in here, just drop us a line. MARCH 2013 > COFFEE SHOP GOSS > KINGSCLIFF > 1