Coffee Shop Goss Kingscliff June 2013

FREsE e Plea e take m Welcome to the June Edition of Coffee Shop Goss. Thank you to all our readers who continue to support our monthly community mag. This month we have included a media release from the Kingscliff Tafe, which I believe confirms what all young mothers dream and hope of but don’t quite believe it yet. There is life after the children go to school. A place where no-one expects you to wipe their nose or help out in the tuckshop. Kingslciff Tafe is a place where you can further your education and perhaps rethink that career that has been on hold while bringing up little Johnny. Perhaps you have been working in the building industry and just want a change. Just because we get older doesnt mean we are ready for turning our home into a childcare centre for the grand kids just yet. Options are more KINGS CLIFF > J UNE 2 readily 013 available to us, we can be retrained and we can begin another career later in life. There are plenty of courses at Kingscliff Tafe, go onto their website, check it out and become the person you always wanted to be. Hang on that would make me Cindy Crawford, is there a course for that? Anyway until next month Goss friends, shop locally and be kind. The 18 year old “p” plater you abuse today could be the owner of the company you work for tomorrow. Coffee Shop Goss Register on line to get your Coffee Shop Goss on the Go! JUNE 2013 > COFFEE SHOP GOSS > KINGSCLIFF > 1