Coffee Shop Goss Kingscliff July 2013

FREsE e Plea e take m Welcome to the July Edition of Coffee Shop Goss. End of the financial year has arrived so fast. How many of us are frantically searching for receipts, and new accountants because we didn’t like the people we trusted last year to save us from the big tax man. I for one struggle at this time of the year, I feel like a tax agent collecting gst all year from my clients and using the money to pay for things that constantly crop up. Now it is time to pay the ferry man. If I am alone stop me and I will leave right now. I Thought so, there quite a few of us out there, sitting down having a coffee and thinking how the heck are they going to get the money to pay for the bass. As a small business owner the pressure is constantly on us to collect tax, pay tax, pay bills pay super, fill in bass statements. All I can say to you is KINGS CLIFF > JU LY 201 get 3 a good accountant, and get organised. Let July be the start of the new you. Don’t leave 4 Bass statements in your draw still in the envelopes. Do each bass as it comes in, pay as you go. Don’t get caught short again. Ring up the ATO and make that deal with the devil . They are not the enemy and believe it or not they are there to help. (alright that last bit is a lie). If you work for somebody else, make sure you still get a good accountant and minimise the amount of tax you pay. Seek Professional help people. Register on line to get your Coffee Shop Goss on the Go! JULY 2013 > COFFEE SHOP GOSS > KINGSCLIFF > 1