Coaching World Issue 7: August 2013 - Page 33

The Ontological Approach The ontological approach to coaching is based on the idea that the human being comprises three spheres, each of which is a domain of intervention for the coach: body, language and emotion. In other words, we are human bodies using language to describe and change our worlds and relating to one another through an array of emotions. These three domains are inextricably linked and impossible to separate, as all three influence one another. As such, coaching intervention in one sphere affects the other two. The level of coherence a person experiences between emotions, body and language is reflected in the level of coherence in what she is, does and has in life. This is a basic tenet of the ontological approach. At the organizational level, these three domains have their correlative aspects: being, having and doing. Our being is manifested through our actions, producing results for others and for ourselves. Ontological coaching sustains that being generates action and action also generates being. Following these two triads of the ontological approach, we developed a set of five issues around each that would allow the coach to intervene and achieve a domain of coherence not only inside each triad, but also between the personal and organizational triad. We call these the pillars of personal and organizational development. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE > Coaching World | August 2013 33