Coaching World Issue 7: August 2013 - Page 31

Phillippe Rosinski suggests using “informed caution” when applying the knowledge of cultural differences to coaching. Just like with any other coaching tool, cultural norms aren’t always applicable. Sometimes being late isn’t a cultural difference—it’s a behavior communicating something else that needs to be addressed. Researching and understanding cultural norms and communication styles will give you more tools for understanding and coaching your clients, but as with most techniques, they require the work of self-reflection. In working through the coaching competencies and building trust in your coaching presence you will notice through active listening and powerful questions there might be patterns attributable to a cultural difference from your own background. And it’s up to you to identify where those cultural differences get in the way of clear communication. Imagine what would have happened if I only understood Helen to be a harsh, ambitious individual who ignored American social norms: We might not have found an equitable solution to her need for 6??WfV?V?B??'????V?V?F??r6?6???r&7F?6RF?@?66?V?G2f?"7V?GW&?F?ffW&V?6R?WfW'?&?G?v??3??F?R6?V?B?F?R?&v?F????BWfV?F?R6?6???v??W?W&?V?6W2F?Rw&F?f?6F????b6VV??rF?P?6?V?B7V66VVB?G&?6?vV???B?WfW&vW2?W"?V'2?bW?W&?V?6P????6?W2?B?&?WF??r??vV?V?B???W"&?fFP?&7F?6R?6?6???r'W6??W77V??RF?FWfV???@???vRF?V?"W?V7WF?fR'&?G2?6?R?2&6VB????0??vV?W2?6?b?6??F7B?W"Bt6vSF6??vR?6????4bGf?6R#>( @????FW&7F?fR?&?'W7@?&?w&?F?Gf?6P???W"6?6???r6????2'????7&V6??r??W"7V?GW&??6??WFV?7??????W0?2vRFVf??R7V?GW&??6??WFV?7???6?6???p??BG&????r7F?F&G3??W???&R66R7GVF?W0??BFV???7G&F???2?`??7FW&gV???7V?GW&???6??WFV?B6?6???r?@??G2??7B??6?V?G3??@?FWfV?????B&??V7G0?F?Gf?6FRf?"7V?GW&??v&V?W72??F?Rw&VFW ?6?6???r6???V??G???GFV?F?6Rf?"F??0???F??FRWfV?B?2??FV@??&Vv?7FW"F?F?B?6b?F??Gf?6P??F?SwVW7G2?