Coaching World Issue 7: August 2013 - Page 17

Team Coaching That Works BY DR. JACQUELINE PETERS, PCC A N D DR. CATHERINE CARR, PCC Organizational development research indicates that only one in five teams is highperforming. As such, it’s not surprising that as coaches, we often get called in to support teams to be more effective. Knowing how to coach teams to high performance is challenging because the field of team coaching is relatively new and unstandardized, and the quality and impact of team-coaching approaches can vary greatly. What feels great for the team and the coach in a session won’t necessarily translate into ongoing results, so coaches might be wasting their time and impairing their credibility. Additionally, several researchers have found that poorly timed or uninformed team coaching can do more harm than good. It is no wonder that many coaching thought leaders and professional organizations are calling for evidence-based approaches to team coaching practice that are grounded in research and have a track record of results. The High Performance Team Coaching (HPTC) system that we developed draws on a decade of team-coaching practice and years of research in organizational development, as well as more recent work by team-coaching researchers and practitioners. HPTC is a comprehensive, systemic approach designed to support a team to maximize its collective talents and resources to accomplish and exceed the goals required by the organization. It has a results-oriented focus achieved by aligning the key actions a coach or leader takes to the beginning, midpoint and ending stages of a team’s natural business cycle. What makes the HPTC system unique is that it is a comprehensive, modularized approach that allows coaches to identify, understand and explain the rationale behind their coaching approach. It’s based on research that coaches can refer to when they talk to leaders about why they are doing the things they are doing, and it provides a sense of CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE > Coaching World | August 2013 17