Coaching World Issue 7: August 2013 - Page 10

DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES Books “Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership,” by Bill Torbert, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Dalmar Fisher, Erica Foldy and Alain Gauthier (Ingram Publisher Services, 2004) “Changing On The Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex World,” by Jennifer Garvey Berger (Stanford Business Books, 2011) “In Over Our Heads: The Mental Demands of Modern Life,” by Robert Kegan (Harvard University Press, 1998) “Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery for Anticipating and Initiating Change,” William B. Joiner and Stephen A. Josephs (Jossey-Bass, 2007) Web Resources 10 Coaching World | August 2013 “By offering stage-appropriate assignments, you might find that clients’ resistance dissolves.” … help you identify and market your services to your “ideal client.” Who are the clients you love to work with? There is a high probability that the