Coaching World Issue 18: May 2016 - Page 31

iEQ9 Take your coaching practice to the next level with our comprehensive, dynamically adaptive iEQ9 Enneagram profiler Why do coaches prefer to use iEQ9? It fast-tracks the coaching process by quickly unlocking the client’s core motivational dynamics. The individual and team reports guide what drives and blocks them. It gives insight into strengths, challenges, blind spots, core fears, goals and clear development strategies. tEstimonials • Accurate typing 95% of the time • 600+ Professional Coaches Accredited • 40 000+ Profiles completed • In a 30 minute questionnaire: 9 Enneagram types, 27 subtypes, 3 centres, 6 dimensions of strain, levels of integration, social styles, conflict styles, resilience (40 pages) • Products for: Individuals, Professionals, Leaders, Teams, Organizations, Couples, Parents and Students It has modules on core • Available in 10 Languages: Enneagram Profile, Personal English, Danish, Dutch, Finish, Development, Self-Mastery, French, German, Italian, Communication, Conflict, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Decision making, Leadership, Teamwork, Giving and Receiving • Accredited by the International Enneagram Association and Feedback, Engagement, Dealing ICF CCEUs with Complexity. 26.5 for iEQ9 accreditation training INTEGRATIVE ENNEAGRAM SOLUTIONS “Integrative Enneagram Solutions offers the best Enneagram personality type assessment. They deliver a reliable test to coaches working to help people develop themselves in the workplace, in that it assures that Enneagram-related information is integrated thought-fully into a larger program of self-work. I am also grateful for their dedication to customer service and the support they offer their clients - their flexibility in customizing reports and meeting the specific needs of coaches makes them a valuable partner in furthering conscious growth in organizati ons.“ Beatrice Chestnut San Francisco. Author of The Complete Enneagram     “I have been partnering with iEQ9 since their inception in 2011 and have watched their product offerings expand and refine; it consistently offers value in my coaching practice. The professional presentation of the iEQ9 is in line with corporate expectations. My clients now have an extensive report to regularly refer back to in the many aspects of their leadership development journey. Whether I require one report or 100 their service is consistently excellent.” Sharon Jansen,  PCC, Past President ICF Johannesburg, South Africa ICF MEMbERS pROMOTION try the iEQ9 profiler for yourself CliCk hErE or sCan CodE