Coaching World Issue 18: May 2016 - Page 23

SCOAP Coach Workshops The Integrated Neuroscience of Humanistic Coaching A newly developed framework based on robust science, coaching research and humanistic philosophies to refine coaching expertise. SCOAP Coach Features Neuroscience Draws on a large body of solid and robust neuroscience knowledge that is carefully applied to coaching contexts. Holistic Combines evidence-based research from multiple fields and combines this into a holistic whole to drive more effective coaching conversations and interventions. Fresh Perspectives A fresh and newly developed framework backed by research to give a fresh insight into coaching and its efficacy and where to gain the best point of leverage Guides Coaching The SCOAP Framework gives a robust way to guide coaching conversations and guide the way to powerful change. Refines expertise for experienced coaches. ✴ ✴ ✴ Foundation Certification Advanced International Locations London September, 2016 New York August & November, 2016 Zurich & Lucerne July & November, 2016 23 Learn more at Coaching World Humanistic The model builds on a brain-based model of deep human behaviour and which human drives and needs promote well-being and performance. Grounded in humanistic methodology. Progression Three workshops build expertise.