Coaching World Issue 18: May 2016 - Page 21

Coaching Clergy Wallace Pastors, priests, rabbis and imams are searching out coaches to help them strengthen their leadership, balance their lives and lead congregational transformation. As the discipline of coaching gains credibility among clergy, there is a growing opportunity for coaches to meet the emerging need. For coaches who are contemplating offering their services to this community, here are some things to consider: Critical Needs Each clergy client will bring his or her own, unique goals to the coaching engagement. However, there are three critical needs that frequently emerge: the need for coaching around leadership, for coaching toward work/ life balance and for coaching through organizational change. Chris Holmes, PCC For clergy, ministry is not a job or even a profession. It is a “calling” God has placed on their life. By necessity, clergy work every weekend and most weekdays. Most clergy struggle to maintain boundaries around their work which means family time, vacation weeks and days off are frequently slighted. This is because clergy feel they are never able to meet all of the needs of their congregation. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE > 21 More than consulting, mentoring and counseling, coaching for clergy is the modality that is proving to be the most helpful for affecting adaptive change in congregations. Coaches help clergy clients trust their deep inner wisdom and knowledge of the context in which they are serving and C O A C H I N G T O WA R D WORK/LIFE BALANCE Coaching World Chris is an ordained United Methodist pastor who leads the Holmes Coaching Group and is co-creator of Coach Approach Skill Training. He is a founding member of ICF Maryland, having served two years as president, and is also an accomplished watercolor artist. Chris coaches church members, pastors, bishops and seminary presidents. COACHING AROUND LEADERSHIP set clear and accountable outcomes, while encouraging them along the way. Essentially, these coaches are helping clergy stay focused on God-sized goals and lead with courage and resilience.