Coaching World Issue 18: May 2016 - Page 11

You are only as good as the company you keep. Elevate your current level of knowledge and skills with ICF approved advanced continuing coaching education from The Elevar Group. Surround yourself with other experienced, credentialed coaches and learn from the best coach-trainers out there. Discover what you won’t find anywhere else. Rise beyond ordinary coaching education. Learn what’s possible with The Elevar Group. 703-244-0796 Courses Offered for ICF Core Competency Credits: Advanced Core Competencies 2 to 18 CCEU Credits Enjoy the entire webinar series from wherever you are, or join in whatever courses you wish. Stretch, learn, and earn 2-24 CCEUs as you master the 11 ICF core coaching competencies faster. Beyond NLP 6 to 18 CCEU Credits This course gives experienced coaches practice and feedback in using key NLC models and tools to coach clients through classroom demos, exercises, and self-study assignments in between sessions. Cross-Cultural Intelligence for Coaches: Raise Your CQ 4 Weeks, 6 CCEU Credits CQ: Cultural Intelligence Quotient. Whether it’s in relating to your clients personally or raising their awareness and sensitivity to cultural issues, your understanding of cross-cultural communication is fundamental to coaching success. Polarity Management Leadership & Executive Coaching 4 Weeks, 6 CCEU Credits Time is money, literally, when working with executives. Executive coaching requires a high level of adeptness in direct questioning, bottom lining and quickly narrowing in on the heart of the matter when time is a rare commodity. Coaching High Performing Teams 4 Weeks, 6 CCEU Credits Team coaching requires specially developed acumen that transcends individual coaching. Working with a wide variety of participants who bring varying degrees of emotional intelligence requires keen awareness around team characteristics. The Twilight Zone of Assessment Tools 4 Weeks, 8 CCEU Credits There’s a twilight zone of personal awareness when your clients has a breakthrough that leads them to individual transformations. Many of these breakthroughs are discovered as the result of the use of assessment tools. On - Demand Course Live Group Webinar Transforming Self-Doubt Into Personal Mastery 4 Weeks, 6 CCEU Credits Celebrities, athletes, parents, teachers, professors, doctors… no matter who the client, everyone battles self- doubt. Master 4 sure fire steps to move nagging doubts into personal mastery. Re-Solutionizing™ Conflict 4 Weeks, 6 CCEU Credits This course is a deep dive on the definition of conflict, examining types and sources, as well as exploring methodologies to revolutionize your clients’ conflict resolution techniques. Save 20% on any Elevar Group Webinar by using the code CCC2016 when registering!