Coaching World Issue 13: March 2015 - Page 23

in a cookie jar performed better in a free-throw shooting contest than those who were given an explanation of the shot’s mechanics. Your client can achieve a similar benefit by focusing on a single word that she wants to embody during the pressure moment (e.g., “cool,” “relaxed,” “fun”). FURTHER READING ICF partners with various groups through the ICF Media Partner and ICF Business Solutions Partner programs to offer discounts or special pricing to ICF Members on goods and services. Learn more at Invite your clients to engage in creative brainstorming to identify other tactics and strategies they can use to thrive in (rather than succumb to) pressure moments. COTEs of Armor Today, we associate confidence, optimism, tenacity and enthusiasm (COTE) with individuals’ psychological capital. However, long before the rise of positive psychology, these traits were psychological adaptations that arose to help humans be effective in the face of everyday threats. From an evolutionary perspective, these attributes are the natural tools to combat the injurious effects of pressure. Individuals with high levels of self-confidence do not see pressure moments as threats; they see them as challenges and opportunities. A highly enthusiastic individual is more likely to embrace a new decision than feel anxious about it. A highly tenacious individual is more likely to move forward despite setbacks, and someone with a high level of optimism will believe that a goal is reachable, even in the face of significant obstacles. Someone who possesses all of these attributes is dressed for success in a COTE of armor. ICF BUSINESS PART N E R S Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To, by Sian Beilock (Free Press, 2010) “Coming Through When it Matters Most,” by Heidi K. Gardner (in Harvard Business Review, April 2012) 22Touch Annuity Managers Agency, LCC Assessments 24x7 AudioAcrobat choice Coaching at Work Coaching-Websites Forward Metrics Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most, by Hendrie Weisinger and JP Pawliw-Fry (Crown Business, 2015) “Relax, NBA Players Choke Too,” by Art Markman, Ph.D. Read here. Human Grid iTelecoach Moo Business Cards Nationwide Frequently, clients who report seeing pressure as a threat and choke in pressure moments also report lower COTE. Thus, supporting clients in cultivating these attributes can have a secondary benefit of enhancing their response to pressure. Soffront Although most pressure moments don’t have life-or-death ramifications for your clients, this doesn’t mean they won’t feel that way. However, by enhancing your own awareness of what pressure looks like and how it operates, empowering your clients to do the same, and fostering strategies for addressing pressure proactively, you can support positive, effective responses to pressure moments. The Coaching Show Staples TranscribeMe The Coaching Tools VideoBio Westminster Indemnity Zoom Coaching World 23 Not an ICF Member? Identify yourself as part of the world’s largest community of professionally trained coaches at