Coaching World Issue 13: March 2015 - Page 19

Keep these 5 tips in mind as you build your Instagram presence. 1. Focus on producing quality content. You can post a powerful conversation starter on your Facebook page, share a provocative article on LinkedIn and tweet inspirational quotes on Twitter. While these are all activities that demand common sense and careful curation, no specialized technical expertise is required. However, to successfully build your Instagram brand, it pays to invest time and energy in honing your smartphone photography skills. At a minimum, brush up on the basics of composition, pay attention to lighting, and commit to taking multiple shots of the same thing in order to select the best photo for your post. 2. Caption with care. Many immature brands litter their Instagram captions with hashtags in an attempt to net more likes and followers. Resist this temptation, and instead focus on short, thoughtful captions that enhance your followers’ Consider creating appreciation and understanding of the image you’ve shared. However, this a hashtag specific doesn’t mean you need to forgo hashtags to your business. altogether: Used judiciously, they’re a powerful way to build buzz around your brand and help you connect with current and prospective clients. Consider creating a hashtag specific to your business (e.g., #janedoecoaching) or an element of your brand (#WealthyWednesday is a favorite of Ashley’s) that helps tie some or all of your posts together. AN I N S TA G R AM G L O S S ARY Filter: an overlay that allows Instagram users to change the appearance of a photo or video before it’s uploaded Follower: someone who subscribes to receive your updates Geotagging: storing and broadcasting the ]]YH[