Coach & Player Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 51

Could you pinpoint one secret ingredient that has helped you achieve such success? It took quite some time to figure out this secret ingredient, but I have it now, this could apply to many self-employed people. Believe in yourself no matter what people tell you! If you really want something you go get it! Today it’s much easier than it was 5-10 years ago, there is always a way to get in touch with someone, take a trip somewhere, find inspiration, and make enough money, you just have to work for it. The hardest working people I know are the most successful, happy and inspiring! What is next for Brittany? Any big goals? I have many goals, at the moment I want to be in Sports Illustrated, pursue acting more, and keep getting to do amazing photo shoots with awesome companies and people, come out with my own health supplements, and organic and healthy beauty products and I want to be a mother and inspire other women! Swimsuit design by Aqua Green THE HARDEST WORKING PEOPLE I KNOW ARE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY AND INSPIRING! Coach & Player Magazine • Summer 2017 51