Coach & Player Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 48

for a run and just be by myself anytime, anywhere or do yoga and meditate when life gets hectic. Which is your favorite style of exercise to maintain your figure? My favorite way to stay fit is a good hip hop class! I love to dance, it’s amazing cardio, and it helps with movement. Being able to move your body is important for my job and what keeps me looking and feeling my best! What is your diet like? Any special tips? I have a mostly vegan diet. I eat very little meat and only good quality, organic; farm fed meats, no dairy, lots of vegetables and fruits. I drink a lot of freshly squeezed juices with every fruit and vegetable available! I have a sweet tooth, but I don’t eat too many desserts or candy. I eat zero processed or packaged foods! Do you have any celebrity or fitness inspirations? My biggest fitness inspiration is my husband who is a professional athlete. On days when I’m feeling lazy, and I see him go to the gym and work as hard as he does, I always go too. There’s nothing more motivating than living with a dedicated and focused professional athlete! Speaking of the hubby, what does an ideal date night consist of? BEING ABLE TO MOVE YOUR BODY IS IMPORTANT FOR MY JOB AND WHAT KEEPS ME LOOKING AND FEELING MY BEST! 48 An ideal date consists of good wine or hot sake, sushi, and a lot of laughs. Or a fun day biking along the waterfront and through parks! If it’s a really good day, we get to do both! You have such a full life and career! Do you have any time for hobbies? I have a lot of hobbies; I love to do yoga, go bike riding, swimming in the ocean, hiking, reading and shooting guns!