Coach & Player Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 37

D avid is an entertainer in Los Angeles. He is a musician with a background in fitness. You could say he wears many hats in the entertainment industry. This includes modeling, competing in fitness competitions, and personal training. He has been featured in many television, radio, and magazine publications and is also currently hosting for a major digital network. He considers himself very fortunate as he has gotten to perform alongside some of his major influences while traveling across the United States. Yet he still has many more hats to wear in the near future! “I do not want to be a pigeon held in a box. I have more to offer, and I am very ambitious. I try to get the most out of life and myself.” David is also very passionate about his message of self-love and acceptance which his lyrics depicted in his song “Punk Rock Cowboy that was released in summer 2016. “My mission is to have a positive message and influenc e. To stand for those who are considered to be the ‘underdogs’ of the world. I want to prove that we have the power to achieve anything we want if we are willing to put in the work and persevere despite what obstacles may be thrown at us. I want to convey a message that it is okay to be yourself and to always stay true to yourself despite what other people or society may say. Stay positive, adapt and overcome.” David tells us that he has always been a rebellious person by nature and that he is not afraid to speak his mind or express who he is. He conveys this message throughout his music and media, along with continuously encouraging others to do the same. “I feel like so many people get caught up jumping through so many hoops trying to catch up on the latest trends and trying so hard just to ‘fit in.’ Who are you really trying so hard to impress? We are all human made up of the same emotions. We all have fears, Coach & Player Magazine • Summer 2017 37