Coach & Player Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 3

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR FRANK STEPHENS III As always, it is my pleasure to bring you for those who take themselves too seriously! Volume 3, Issue 2 another issue of Coach & Player Magazine. Just let yourself go and remember that you’re Terrell Owens is an NFL legend who needs allowed to laugh every once in a while. But Editor-in-Chief no introduction. He’s a future hall-of-famer don’t let his zany antics fool you; there are Frank Stephens III who’s statistics on the field only tell a small methods to his madness! sliver of his story. I have zero interest in Last but certainly not least, we have Brittany Deputy Editor-in-Chief rehashing the controversies of the past. We’ve Churchill. The pictorial she shot with Chris Franklin all read those accounts ad nauseam. From photographer Jason Konrad is a change of day-1 I made up my mind that if we were pace from our previous swimsuit shoots. Senior Graphics Editor going to do a feature on T.O., we needed a Jason approached me with the idea of Dan Fernandez better reason than regurgitated click-bate. exploring the urban landscape of New York We needed a new question to ask which I City, and Brittany proved up to the challenge. Cover Photographer feel that we did in a conference call I has with My blatantly forced common theme in this Arthur St. John Arthur and Mr. Owens: issue: The power of just being yourself. Forget the past, what is your number-one passion that’s driving you right now? His General Council Gerald R. Colmen Esq. answer, “my clothing line, Prototype 81.” 308 Greeland Drive Terrell has always struck me as someone Marion, AR 72364 driven by a passion and longing for a worthy adversary, which is why the idea of covering Legal Disclaimer “T.O. the Entrepreneur” was automatically Coach & Player Magazine is a print appealing to me. To succeed at business publication and internet presence requires all the passion one could possibly produced solely for informational muster, and there’s certainly no lack of and entertainment purposes only. All information contained within this adversaries in the arena of entrepreneurship, We all have insecurities we wish to mask, but publication should in no way be the most formidable one being our why? Insecurities help make us who we are. considered a recommendation or endorsement of any physical activities adversaries from within of course. If we want to connect with others, we need or philosophies regarding human health Lamar Louis’ relationship with Alex and to be honest. People will pick up on false or physical fitness. Cameron of iMackulate Vision Gaming LLC presentations, and in the end, nobody wants It is our position that a licensed medical caught my attention via my Facebook feed, to invest his or her time into a counterfeit professional should be consulted when and I knew this was a story we had to cover. version of a promising soul. Enjoy! seeking advice or direction as what steps should be taken to improve one's I don’t know that enough young personal health or physical abilities. entrepreneurs with funding challenges know All exhibitions of physical training and that you don’t have to be a billion dollar FRANK STEPHENS III Editor-in-Chief exercise depicted in this publication were performed or supervised by shoe company to connect and partner with a certified personal trainers, and no professional athlete to bring attention to your attempt to duplicate these actions should be performed without proper brand. Social Networking is a fertile ground supervision and prior consultation for marketing opportunities of both small with a licensed medical professional companies and lesser established athletes qualified to ensure it is safe for you to undertake these activities. and artists to forge mutually beneficial endorsement arrangements that can be a win/win for everyone involved. WRITE TO US: The big companies with deep pockets don’t Email: come calling for everyone. There is a large Facebook: /coachandplayer Twitter: @coachandplayer chasm between the high-dollar celebrity Instagram: @coachandplayer endorsees and those talented individuals who are less analytically viable for more establish brands but could be capable of igniting valuable growth potential for a smaller startup like yourself. Then there is The Schmo! This guy is a character. Let me warn you up front, Dave ‘The Schmo’ Schmulenson is not Coach & Player Magazine • Spring 2017 “Show me someone whose presentation gets on your nerves, and I’ll show you someone lacking the courage to show you who they really are.”