Coach & Player Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 29

If you have never heard of The Schmo, you will…soon. Just ask former Green Bay Packers WR Greg Jennings. In an episode of The Schmo and The Pro, Jennings was asked, “The Herd or The Schmo?” Jennings replied emphatically, “The Schmo!” He’s got the wardrobe. He’s got the glasses. Most of all, he’s full of sports knowledge, and he delivers it with an entertaining twist. While the joke may always be on The Schmo, the sports world better get ready for this new sports personality. In a changing environment, The Schmo is a breath of fresh air, something that sports fans across the country desperately need. Editor’s Note: Screen captures courtesy of “The Schmo.” You can watch all of his video content on YouTube. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @TheSchmo312. Well known for his unique wardrobe and quirky interview style. BTS, Steve Lavin gets “The Schmo Towel” treatment. Coach & Player Magazine • Summer 2017 29