Coach & Player Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 28

would help to birth the Schmo. Schmulenson became a publisher account manager, for USA TODAY Sports Media Group. This was the full-time gig in sports where his vision began to unfold. In early 2016, Schmulenson, who had a film- making roommate, expanded on his earlier attempts to make unique sports-themed videos. One of his earliest declared that NFL teams should draft him No. 1 in the 2015 draft. The videos were the infant stages of a character that would develop into the Schmo. Schmulenson had created his own blog, The Schmozone, where he and some friends created all sorts of content about weird and funny sports stuff. Offered up to readers was a wealth of content that was offbeat, interesting and most of all entertaining. Schmulenson wanted to do the same with his videos. His job at USA TODAY helped him land many of his future interviews. Recent of appeance by Terrell Ownes for an off-beat interview. see on traditional sports broadcasts. With the addition of a stylish pair of yellow-tinted glasses, The Schmo was born. “The entire sports world is changing,” said Schmulenson. “Subscription television is declining, and the sports world now has to cater to a very socially A chance encounter in early mobile audience.” 2016 with former UCLA Catering to sports lovers everywhere, in a head football coach Rick years’ time The Schmo has Interviewing Adam Vinatieri, Neuheisel on a Southwest conducted over 60 interviews Super Bowl LI. and created 30 of The Schmo Airlines flight opened the door for The Schmo and the and The Pro broadcasts. He has made appearances at the Pro show. Super Bowl, the Final Four, Schmulenson interviewed Neuheisel at his Manhattan Beach home. It was 15 minutes of discussing Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Jim Harbaugh’s recruiting methods, exuberant handshakes, and even Neuheisel strumming his six-string. About a month later, the first The Schmo and The Pro show at the Los Angeles USA TODAY Bureau featured former L.A. Dodger Jerry Hairston Jr. Like the interview with Neuheisel, The Schmo talked sports but in a more humorous and entertaining fashion than what you might 28 and the Taste of Tennis in New York. And it is just the beginning. The Schmo got together with Mr. Irrelevant, Chad Kelly, the final pick in this year’s NFL Draft, for his celebration of Irrelevant Week. He will attend Shareece Wright’s first annual youth football camp and will cover the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas during the month of July.